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 //Links to Nagios Plugins// //Links to Nagios Plugins//
 +=== Memcached ===
 To monitor memcached using nagios.\\ To monitor memcached using nagios.\\
 [[http://​​dist/​Nagios-Plugins-Memcached | check_memcached]] [[http://​​dist/​Nagios-Plugins-Memcached | check_memcached]]
 +===== Error / Resolution =====
 +=== CASE 1 : ===
 +**Error :**
 +DISK CRITICAL check_disk : / / / is not accessible: Permission denied
 +**Solution :**
 +In my case this is because it is mounted as postgres user.\\
 +Which eventually does not allow other user (nrpe or nagios) to check the disk.\\
 +So i have copied the command as diff. name and set the SUID bit on the check command.\\
 +<code bash>
 +cd /​usr/​lib64/​nagios/​plugins/​
 +cp check_disk check_disk_pg
 +chmod +s check_disk_pg
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