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 +====== Plex ======
 +After upgrading plex to v 1.0 i found that existing reverse proxy on nginx broke.<​br>​
 +started playing around and fixed it using following header need to be set.
 +In your nginx.
 +<code bash>
 +        proxy_set_header ​  ​X-Real-IP ​       $remote_addr;​
 +        proxy_set_header ​  ​X-Forwarded-For ​ $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;​
 +        proxy_max_temp_file_size 0;
 +        proxy_set_header X-Plex-Client-Identifier $http_x_plex_client_identifier;​
 +        proxy_set_header X-Plex-Device $http_x_plex_device;​
 +        proxy_set_header X-Plex-Device-Name $http_x_plex_device_name;​
 +        proxy_set_header X-Plex-Platform $http_x_plex_platform;​
 +        proxy_set_header X-Plex-Platform-Version $http_x_plex_platform_version;​
 +        proxy_set_header X-Plex-Product $http_x_plex_product;​
 +        proxy_set_header X-Plex-Token $http_x_plex_token;​
 +        proxy_set_header X-Plex-Version $http_x_plex_version;​
 +        proxy_set_header X-Plex-Nocache $http_x_plex_nocache;​
 +        proxy_set_header X-Plex-Provides $http_x_plex_provides;​
 +        proxy_set_header X-Plex-Device-Vendor $http_x_plex_device_vendor;​
 +        proxy_set_header X-Plex-Model $http_x_plex_model;​
 +On top of that this might help if it keep asking you for the login.<​br>​
 +in your **/​var/​lib/​plex/​Plex\ Media\ Server/​Preferences.xml** add following.
 +<code bash>
 +allowedNetworks="​​0"​ disableRemoteSecurity="​1"​
 +NOTE : Make sure you do authentication by another mean because it might open up your plex to world.
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