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restart_process_and_send_mail_if_fail [2012/04/10 14:29]
Line 17: Line 17:
 # Define you email id to notify # Define you email id to notify
-toaddrs = "​[email protected]"+toaddrs = "​[email protected]"
 # Define Source Email ID # Define Source Email ID
-fromaddr = "[email protected]"+fromaddr = "[email protected]"
Line 34: Line 34:
 try: try:
     args = ['/​etc/​init.d/​postgresql',​ '​restart'​]     args = ['/​etc/​init.d/​postgresql',​ '​restart'​]
-    #​subprocess.Popen(args,​ shell=True) 
     subprocess.check_call(args)     subprocess.check_call(args)
 except subprocess.CalledProcessError as prit: except subprocess.CalledProcessError as prit:
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