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 schedule = throttle_1,​01:​00:​00,​24:​00:​00,​download_rate=0 schedule = throttle_1,​01:​00:​00,​24:​00:​00,​download_rate=0
 schedule = throttle_2,​05:​00:​00,​24:​00:​00,​download_rate=25 ​ schedule = throttle_2,​05:​00:​00,​24:​00:​00,​download_rate=25 ​
 +==== Secure Torrent from ISP Capping ====
 +Not sure but, but it has been said on manual you can encrypt your transfer and request encryption only\\
 +If Encryptiong is successfully enabled you can avoid ISP to capping on packets. which make you partially secure.
 +Enable following line in your .rtorrent.rc
 +<code bash | .rtorrent.rc>​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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