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 Good replacement for screen. Good replacement for screen.
 +Following is my own tmux config file.\\
 +Tried to setup as near as screen.
 +<code bash | .tmux.conf>​
 +set-option -g prefix C-a
 +unbind-key C-b 
 +bind-key C-a "​last-window"​
 +unbind '"'​
 +unbind % # Remove default binding since we're replacing
 +bind | split-window -h
 +bind - split-window -v
 +bind '"'​ list-window
 +# Highlight active window
 +set-window-option -g window-status-current-bg blue
 +# Rename Based on active names
 +setw -g automatic-rename
 +set -g status-right '#​[fg=yellow]#​(uptime | cut -d ","​ -f 2-)'
 +setw -g monitor-activity on
 +set -g visual-activity on
 +# Set status bar
 +set -g status-bg black
 +set -g status-fg white
 +set -g status-left '#​[fg=green]#​H'​
 +I have copied man page so can refer easily below.
 <code text> <code text>
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