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 ==== To install Modules Locally ==== ==== To install Modules Locally ====
-Best way to install local module is to install module "local::lib".\\+ 
 +local::​lib ​enables you to install modules into a specified directory, \\ 
 +without requiring root or administrator access. See the bootstrapping technique for how to get started.\\ 
 +You can create a directory per user/​project/​company and deploy to other servers,​\\ 
 +by copying the directory (as long as you are on the same operating system). 
 [[http://​​~apeiron/​local-lib/​ | CPAN Local::lib ]]\\ [[http://​​~apeiron/​local-lib/​ | CPAN Local::lib ]]\\
 But you can also manually do it. But you can also manually do it.
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 export PATH="/​home/​$username/​perl/​bin:​$PATH";​ export PATH="/​home/​$username/​perl/​bin:​$PATH";​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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