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 +====== Why drives space is diff. ======
 +The issue is manufactures and OS developer.
 +Both see the size differently.
 +The short answer to there'​s two different measurement formats used. Decimal (GB) and binary (GiB) formats. \\
 +Binary is used by OS and decimal is used by the manufacturers. \\
 +Both the manufacturer and Windows are giving you the "​correct"​ number.
 +Binary numbers are numbers that are a power of 2.\\
 +Decimal numbers are numbers that are a power of 10.
 +<code text>
 +2^10 is 1,024 the closest Decimal number is 10^3 or 1,000
 +2^20 is 1,048,576 The closest Decimal number is 10^6 or 1,000,000
 +2^30 is 1,​073,​741,​824 The closest Decimal number is 10^9 or 1,​000,​000,​000
 +Detailed Information - [[http://​​wiki/​Gigabyte | Gigabyte]]
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