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Command Helps On Windows

How to reboot server from command line

shutdown <options>
-Available Options
/? 	Displays the Help listing
/i 	Displays the graphical user interface (GUI); it must be the first option
/l 	Logs off the current user; it cannot be used with the /d or /m options
/s 	Shuts down the computer
/r 	Shuts down and restarts the computer
/g 	Shuts down and restarts the computer and then restarts any registered applications
/a 	Aborts system Shutdown
/p 	Turns off the local computer with no timeout or warning
/h 	Hibernates the local machine
/e 	Documents the reason for shutting down the computer
/m 	Specifies the target computer; it is used with \\computername
/t xxx 	Where xxx is the number of seconds before Shutdown
/c “comment” 	Where “comment” is the reason for the Shutdown or restart
/f 	Forces running applications to close without warning users
/d [p|u:]xx:yy 	Provides the reason for the Shutdown action: p = planned; u= unplanned; xx supplies the major reason code; yy = supplies the minor reason code
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