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Arch Linux

Recently started using arch linux, seems like really cool distro.

Package Manager

it uses “pacman” as package manager.
Following is some use full commands.

pacman queries the local package database with the -Q flag.

$ pacman -Q --help

and queries the sync databases with the -S flag.

$ pacman -S --help

pacman can search for packages in the database, searching both in packages' names and descriptions.

$ pacman -Ss package

To search for already installed packages.

$ pacman -Qs package

To display extensive information about a given package.

$ pacman -Si package

for locally installed packages.

$ pacman -Qi package

To retrieve a list of the files installed by a package.

$ pacman -Ql package

One can also query the database to know which package a file on the file system belongs to.

$ pacman -Qo /path/to/a/file

To list all packages no longer required as dependencies (orphans).

$ pacman -Qdt
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