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Memory leak

1G in system processes for python3.6
:!: This is fixed in latest stable.

pkill -9 -f middlewared
(WAIT about 10 seconds)
service middlewared start

You can do this live while in production. This will only restart the middleware process that effects the WebUI.

Jail migration warden to iocage

After upgrading from 11.1 to 11.3, one must migrate all jain from warden to iocage.
In order to migrate there is utility provided but need some tweaking.


After fresh update it gives error :!: Warden does not have a path set, please set one in the GUI.
In order to fix issue change as follow.

| /usr/local/sbin/
- _dir = None
+ _dir = "/mnt/<zpool>/Jails"

Next step is to run migration script.

/usr/local/sbin/ -v -j <Jail_name> -p <zpool>
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