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There is no additional modules require to load balance jboss.
But we had some old services require it and we down to road for mod_proxy_ajp.
alternatively you can choose mod_cluster.


quick explanation / observation

This module does not monitor services.
But it does checking before service request if it fails it fall back to next node.


Sticky session can be used by setting variable name to stickysession there is many way to define it.
but result will be same.



Keep in Mind

BalancerMember is AJP connector so you need to use AJP connector port number.


Balancer Manager is a satus page just like info-page or status-page from mod_status.



If you receive error as shown below.

[error] (70014)End of file found: ajp_ilink_receive() can't receive header
[error] ajp_read_header: ajp_ilink_receive failed
[error] (120006)APR does not understand this error code: proxy: read response failed from (null) (localhost)

Mostly likely you need to set packet size on jboss. packetSize=“20000”

| server.xml
  <Connector port="8009" address="${jboss.bind.address}"
         enableLookups="false" redirectPort="8443" debug="0"
         protocol="AJP/1.3" packetSize="20000"/>

My Configuration

LoadModule proxy_ajp_module modules/
# When loaded, the mod_proxy_ajp module adds support for
# proxying to an AJP/1.3 backend server (such as Tomcat).
# To proxy to an AJP backend, use the "ajp://" URI scheme;
# Tomcat is configured to listen on port 8009 for AJP requests
# by default.
# Uncomment the following lines to serve the ROOT webapp
# under the /tomcat/ location, and the jsp-examples webapp
# under the /examples/ location.
#ProxyPass /tomcat/ ajp://localhost:8009/
#ProxyPass /examples/ ajp://localhost:8009/jsp-examples/
ServerName linux4
<Proxy balancer://cluster>
Order deny,allow
Allow from all
BalancerMember ajp://localhost:8009/Untitled1 route=node1
BalancerMember ajp://localhost:8010/Untitled1 route=node2
ProxySet maxattempts=1
ProxySet stickysession=JSESSIONID
ProxySet timeout=300
ProxyIOBufferSize 19000
LimitRequestFieldsize 18000
ProxyTimeout 300
ProxyStatus Full
ProxyPass /Untitled1 balancer://cluster/
#ProxyPassReverse /Untitled1 http://linux4/Untitled1
<Location /balancer-manager>
SetHandler balancer-manager
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all
Allow from localhost
Allow from
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