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Setting up IPv6 Tunnel

  1. what ever you read where ever you read you are missing this line “modprobe sit” so run it.
  2. once you get your IPv6 from tunnel broker you need following.
NOTE : change "Internal_ip" "Tunnel_broker_ip" "IPv6_ip" "IPv6_gateway_ip" with information you get from your broker
| ifcfg-sit1
| ifroute-sit1
default IPv6_gateway_ip
  • Now turn on the ipv6 using “ifup sit1”

You should be good to go

Load Kernel module at boot

From previous wiki, if you reboot system you lost your tunnel.
The only reason is you have no longer sit.ko (sit module) loaded to kernel.

There is two way to enable kernel module to suse - GUI and Editor

    * Open YaST and authenticate, if necessary.
    * Navigate to System > /etc/sysconfig Editor
    * Navigate to System > Kernel > MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT
    * Enter a list of modules to load at startup, separated by spaces.
    * Click Finish when done.
    * Confirm the modified variables and click OK.
| Editor
    * Use a superuser or root shell 
    * Open a text editing tool, such as vim or nano to edit the /etc/sysconfig/kernel file.
    * Find the line starting with: MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT
    * Between the quotes, enter the modules you wish loaded at boot time, separated by spaces.
    * Save the file and exit the editor.

Type in the following command:


The module(s) will now load at startup.

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