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 You should be good to go You should be good to go
 +==== Load Kernel module at boot ====
 +From previous wiki, if you reboot system you lost your tunnel.\\
 +The only reason is you have no longer sit.ko (sit module) loaded to kernel.
 +There is two way to enable kernel module to suse - GUI and Editor
 +<code text | GUI>
 +    * Open YaST and authenticate,​ if necessary.
 +    * Navigate to System > /​etc/​sysconfig Editor
 +    * Navigate to System > Kernel > MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT
 +    * Enter a list of modules to load at startup, separated by spaces.
 +    * Click Finish when done.
 +    * Confirm the modified variables and click OK.
 +<code text | Editor>
 +    * Use a superuser or root shell 
 +    * Open a text editing tool, such as vim or nano to edit the /​etc/​sysconfig/​kernel file.
 +    * Find the line starting with: MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT
 +    * Between the quotes, enter the modules you wish loaded at boot time, separated by spaces.
 +    * Save the file and exit the editor.
 +Type in the following command: ​
 +<code bash>
 +The module(s) will now load at startup. ​
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