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How to Secure Windows desktop (Free)

Must have

Microsoft have windows defender which help you protect in many way.

Windows Defender

Install this first.
Make sure you run auto update when your computer online generally.

Spyware Protection & Prevention

This is necessary to prevent your computer to open harmful pages.
There is best thing out per my knowledge is spybot s&d

- Spybot SD


Why you need another uninstaller. because microsoft sucks.
You need this to clean up left over registry and files.

- Revo Uninstaller

It has been marked clean by

Cleaning junk saved

You need this because “Remove Temporary files” is not good enough to do this.

- Ccleaner

It has been marked clean by


For Antivirus you have two option.
It is basically slow on update as it is free, but good enough to protect you.
I am not certain what to suggest so choose on your own.

Avast Home Edition

- Avast Home Edition

Go to link and download Home Edition, You need to register product though.
Don't worry it is free.

AVG Free Edition

- AVG Free Edition

Go to link and down the free basic edition.

Quick Online tool

This is where you might tuneup your computer little bit.
Also, you can say thanx to microsoft.

- Live Scanner

Which clean up many stuff.

How to view which process running svchost.exe

I found this on microsoft open source.

- SvcHost Viewer

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