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How to Secure Windows desktop (Free)

Spyware Protection & Prevention

This is necessary to prevent your computer to open harmful pages.
There is best thing out per my knowledge is spybot s&d

- Spybot SD


Why you need another uninstaller. because microsoft sucks.
You need this to clean up left over registry and files.

- Revo Uninstaller

It has been marked clean by

Cleaning junk saved

You need this because “Remove Temporary files” is not good enough to do this.

- Ccleaner

It has been marked clean by


For Antivirus you have two option.
It is basically slow on update as it is free, but good enough to protect you.
I am not certain what to suggest so choose on your own.

Avast Home Edition

- Avast Home Edition

Go to link and download Home Edition, You need to register product though.
Don't worry it is free.

AVG Free Edition

- AVG Free Edition

Go to link and down the free basic edition.

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