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 +<code text>
 A A
 Aniseed Saunf Aniseed Saunf
-Apple  Seb+Apple          ​Seb
 Almonds Badam Almonds Badam
 Aubergine Baingan Aubergine Baingan
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 Apricot Khubani Apricot Khubani
 Ashgourd Petha Ashgourd Petha
-Alum  Phitkari+Alum          ​Phitkari
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 Black Cardamoms Kali Elaichi, badi Elaichi Black Cardamoms Kali Elaichi, badi Elaichi
 Black peppercorns Kalamirchi Black peppercorns Kalamirchi
-Black salt  Kalanamak/​Sanchal +Black salt          ​Kalanamak/​Sanchal 
-Black gram  Kala chana+Black gram          ​Kala chana
 Black eyed beans Chola, alsande Black eyed beans Chola, alsande
-Brinjal ​ Baingan+Brinjal ​         ​Baingan
 Bengal gram, whole Chana Bengal gram, whole Chana
 Bengal gram, split Chana dal Bengal gram, split Chana dal
-Bengal gram roasted, puffed,​split ​ Dalia +Bengal gram roasted,(puffed,​split)    ​Dalia 
-Buttermilk ​ Chhas/​lassi/​matha +Buttermilk ​         ​Chhas/​lassi/​matha 
-Beetroot ​ Chuquander +Beetroot ​         ​Chuquander 
-Bread  Double roti +Bread                  ​Double roti 
-Barley ​ Jau +Barley ​          Jau 
-Barley Flour  Jowar Ka Atta +Barley Flour     Jowar Ka Atta 
-Bitter gourd  Karela +Bitter gourd     Karela 
-Banana ​ Kela +Banana ​          Kela 
-Butter ​ Makhkhan +Butter ​          Makhkhan 
-Beans  Sem +Beans           Sem 
-Bay leaves ​ Tejpata +Bay leaves ​      Tejpata 
-Basil  Tulsi +Basil           Tulsi 
-Black gram  Urad+Black gram       Urad
 C C
 Capsicum/​Bell pepper Simla mirch Capsicum/​Bell pepper Simla mirch
-Custard apple  Sitaphal +Custard apple     Sitaphal 
-Carom seeds  Ajwain +Carom seeds     Ajwain 
-China Grass  Agar Agar+China Grass     Agar Agar
 Coriander SeedS Sookha Dhania Coriander SeedS Sookha Dhania
-Caraway seed  Shahjeera +Caraway seed     Shahjeera 
-Cauliflower ​ Phool gobi +Cauliflower ​        Phool gobi 
-Cabbage ​ Patta gobi +Cabbage ​        Patta gobi 
-Cottage cheese ​ Paneer +Cottage cheese ​  Paneer 
-Coconut ​ Narial +Coconut ​        Narial 
-Chicken ​ Murgi +Chicken ​        Murgi 
-Chilies ​ Mirchi +Chilies ​          Mirchi 
-Cream  Malai +Cream           Malai 
-Corn/​Maize ​ Makkai +Corn/​Maize ​      Makkai 
-Cow peas  Lobia +Cow peas         Lobia 
-Cloves ​ Laung/​lavang +Cloves ​          Laung/​lavang 
-Cucumber ​ Khera/​kakri +Cucumber ​        Khera/​kakri 
-Crabs  Kekra +Crabs           Kekra 
-Cashewnuts ​ Kaju +Cashewnuts ​      Kaju 
-Chick peas  Kabuli chana +Chick peas       Kabuli chana 
-Cumin seeds  Jeera+Cumin seeds       Jeera
 Clarified butter Ghee Clarified butter Ghee
-Carrots ​ Gajjar +Carrots ​        Gajjar 
-Cardamoms ​ Elaichi +Cardamoms ​      Elaichi 
-Cilantro ​ Dhania +Cilantro ​        Dhania 
-Coriander ​ Dhania +Coriander ​      Dhania 
-Cinnamon ​ Dalchini +Cinnamon ​        Dalchini 
-Curd/​yogurt ​ Dahi +Curd/​yogurt ​      Dahi 
-Charoli ​ Chironji +Charoli ​        Chironji 
-Curdled milk  Chhena +Curdled milk     Chhena 
-Corn Cobs  Butta +Corn Cobs         Butta 
-Colocassia leaves ​ Arvi ka patta +Colocassia leaves ​  Arvi ka patta 
-Castor Sugar  Mahin chini+Castor Sugar     Mahin chini
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 Yam Suran Yam Suran
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