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tw_cli is the CLI for monitoring and maintaining 3ware RAID controllers. It can be used for all maintenance operations that can be performed through the 3dmd daemon or the system BIOS.

Checking the status of controller, array or disk

Removing a disk

| remove disk p2 from c1 array
maint remove c1 p2

Re-detecting a disk

It varies based on your version of tw_cli.

| rescan or add you can use any one of them based on version OR try from top to bottom stop when succeed
rescan c1
maint rescan c1
maint add c1 p2

Rebuilding an array

| After rescan you need to rebuild
maint rebuild c1 u2 p2

Creating a RAID unit

maint createunit c1 rraid1 p2:3
maint createunit c1 rraid5 p0:1:2:3:4:5:6

Assigning a disk as a 'hot spare'

maint createunit c1 rspare p2
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