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Nice free full virtualization system. I am keeping entry of few command line tools for easy referance.

Start / Stop Guest OS from command line
| stop
vmrun -h https://localhost:8333/sdk -u root -p <password> stop "[standard] Windows 7/Windows 7.vmx"
| start
vmrun -h https://localhost:8333/sdk -u root -p <password> start "[standard] Windows 7/Windows 7.vmx"

Keyboard mapping in vsphere web client

On mac i always had trouble accessing various tab on TTY while using web client. Found the shortcut and recording here.


<note tip>f(x) could be any function key or combination with alt+ctrl in regular system.</note>


vmware-converter-client fail loading on 64 bit linux.
I have fixed it installing following package.

Listed package naming is for fedora 15.

yum install \
glibc.i686 \
libSM.i686 \
libXi.i686 \
libXrender.i686 \
libXrandr.i686 \
libXfixes.i686 \
libXcursor.i686 \
libXinerama.i686 \
libpng.i686 \
freetype.i686 \
fontconfig.i686 \
glib2.i686 \

That should do it.


Command line Job Control

To Cancel Running job

mccli activity cancel --id=<id>

To list all running jobs

mccli activity show --active

List all Events

mccli event show

Read log of running job

mccli activity get-log --id=<id>

iSCSI volumes showing normal, degraded

After reboot does not join cluster.VmWare

# On ESXi Host
esxcfg-advcfg -s 0 /LVM/DisallowSnapshotLun
esxcli storage core adapter rescan --all
vmkfstools -V
# Reboot ESXi host
# Once joined vcenter, wait for few minutes try revert changes.
esxcfg-advcfg -s 1 /LVM/DisallowSnapshotLun

vCenter update issue

While updating following error received. :!: Update installation failed, vCenter is non-operational.

Please check if all partitions are good.

software-packages install --url
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